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The 4th, 2020 – fireworks from Kansas

A week of miscellany – cleaning out my backlog of un-posted photographs





Acadia National Park – day 1 – visiting Maine’s wonderful gem of a park

Acadia National Park – day 2

Acadia National Park – day 3 morning

Acadia National Park – day 3 afternoon

Acadia National Park – Asticou azalea garden

Acadia National Park – day 4, en route home

Alexander Lake – a small lake in Dayville, CT

Antique GMC truck – a beautiful fire engine red joy

Appomattox Courthouse – where the Civil War ended

As I See It photo project – photos by the Junior Youth of Sandy Lane

Assault on Mt. Washington – climbing the highest mountain in the Eastern USA

The barn – a beautiful old barn in the snow

• Bartholomew’s Cobble – a wildlife preserve in western Massachusetts

Bash Bish Falls – the highest waterfalls in Massachusetts

Beavertail Park 1 – at the beach at dawn, with the tide coming

Beavertail Park 2

Beavertail Park fisheye

Bethel – a scenic New England town in the snow

Bigelow Hollow – a park near my hometown

Black Lives Matter – yes, they do!


Block Island – the tourist island of Rhode Island

Blossoms, 04/2014 – Spring, glorious spring!

Blossoms – 05/2014 – Spring, wonderful spring, but so soon gone…

Blue skies, 04/2014 – Series of High Dynamic Range (HDR) sunset photographs

Bodie Ghost Town 1 – Bodie State Park in California, a real western ghost town

Bodie Ghost Town 2

Boston – water everywhere walking tour 1 – photos from a group shoot in Boston

Boston – water everywhere walking tour 2

Br-r-r – winter of 2018/2019 photos

Cabin fever – flower macros – going nuts indoors at the end of the 2014-2015 winter season!



• Campbell Falls – a waterfall in western Connecticut

Can you guess what I am? – a game of close in macros

• Chapel View – a restaurant at night

• Christmas 2013 – exterior and still-lifes

Christmas tea 2014 – the table is set!

Christmas 2018 – the traditions we live

Coffee anyone? – the bright colors of our coffee set

Colonial Williamsburg, VA – recreating the colonial world

Colonial Williamsburg (2016) – recreating the colonial world

Colonial Williamsburg 2 (2016)

Cranston greenery – photos from around where I work

Crotched Mountain skiing – February 2015

• Dad – visiting my father in the hospital

• Dawn – the earliest of the ‘golden’ hours

Dawn morning in early fall – Webster, Massachusetts and Thompson, Connecticut

Daylight saving time – morning shots en route to work in November 2014

• Dick’s not there anymore – an empty house in the neighborhood

Drinkables – photographing liquids

Early autumn – when the colors were just starting to pop

Eastern Point Beach – sunset pictures over the Thames River in Connecticut

EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) – merging photos with different focus points in the same scene

Ellen’s Joy – a New Hampshire getaway

Elizabeth Park – greenhouse – an early spring view of flowers destined for the park

• En route – photos taken en route to or from my place of work

Essex 1 – a spring visit to this little town on the Connecticut River

Essex 2

Hammonasset Beach State Park

• Fall – shots of the season

Fall Hike – through the woods of Eastern Connecticut

Fall walks – several walks in late Autumn

February storm – 2017’s first major snowfall.

Fire and Ice – the 2015 Putnam celebration of winter

• First snow – November 11th, 2014

• Fisheye – taken with this very, very wide-angle lens

• Foggy Dawn – Putnam, CT on foggy mornings

Fort Trumbull – one dawn in New London, CT

Frakenfruit! – still-lifes of fruit

French River – the river that runs through Thompson, CT in the fall

Glass – glass and sunshine still-lifes

Glorious colors – autumn in all its beauty

Golden Dawn – gold light on the hoar frost

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand View Preserve – an estuary on the Chesapeake Bay

Guest photographer, Zarrin Ahmed

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Halifax airport 1 – an eight-hour layover!

• Halifax airport 2

Harkness Park – beach

Harkness sunrise – sunrise at this wonderful state park

Harkness with the photo club – with the Mid CT Photo Club

High Dynamic Range photography – an example and an explanation

Hilton Head – the beautiful tourist vacation spot of the South Carolina low country

Hilton Head 2

Hilton Head 3

Hole in the Wall Gang camp – photos from Paul Newman’s famous charity

• Hope St. 1 – a day on this picturesque little street in Providence, RI

• Hope St. 2

#ICantBreathe – remembering Eric Garner

• In our summer garden – from our garden, in early summer

In the darkness – a solo Christmas tree in the dark. Winter is here, but spring is coming.

• It’s a start anyways – miscellaneous photographs from recent years

Italian Alps – a trip in northern Italy

Bormio and Piatta – A valley town and a hill town

Bormio at night – Night shots from our balcony

Bagni Vecchi – The wonderful ancient thermal baths

Lake Como – The beautiful lake resort of northern Italy

Skiing Bormio – Views from the mountain in Bormio

Livigno – going over the Foscagno Pass to this duty-free ski town

Junkyard – Grosvenordale, CT  – an old trailer, tractor, bulldozer

Kansas July 2015 –  a trip to see family and friends

Kitchen – shots of snacks and things I cook with

Knobby trees redux – a small grove of twisted, gnarled trees

Late autumn – a sunny day in November 2014

• Lake Tahoe 1 – the Lake Tahoe, NV, and CA area

Lake Tahoe 2

Lake Tahoe 3

Lake Tahoe 4

Lake Tahoe 5

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! – the first snowstorm of 2015

Lilies and poppies – Memorial Day 2015

• Long Island 1 – that big Island east of New York City

Long Island 2

Long Island 3

Manis family portraits – portraits of a friend, his daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and son.

• Martha’s Vineyard

gingerbread cottages



by the water

Gay Head point

Matunuck – in the environ of this small, Rhode Island seaside town

May farm sunrise 1 – farms outside of Putnam, CT photographed at sunrise

May farm sunrise 2

May farm sunset 1 – a farm outside of Putnam, CT photographed at sunset

May farm sunset 2

Meeting places – simply, just places to gather at

Merchants Square – the upscale shopping area of Colonial Williamsburg

Merchants Square 2

Miscellaneous 1 – just what it sounds like, odds and sods

Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 4

Miscellaneous 5

Miscellaneous 6

Monochrome photo challenge – day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5

• Mono Lake – a salty, landlocked lake in northeastern CA

Monticello – the estate of Thomas Jefferson

Monticello 2

Mt. Vernon –  the estate of George Washington

New England Autumn 2015 – the leaf-peeping season

On the Quinebaug – the river before it flows into Danielson, CT

Putnam and environ – my little town and rural Connecticut

Scituate art fair – an antique/fine arts/craft fair in Rhode Island

Wolf Den – a state park near Pomfret

Thompson Dam – a quintessential New England walk

Quabbin Reservoir – keeping Massachusetts supplied with water

Odds, sods and panoramas – leftovers, plus the wide view of autumn

New Year’s Resolution – don’t be an ass in 2015!

• Newport – a seaside city of Rhode Island

• New York City 2012 Holiday Season – a day in New York City during the Holiday Season

• New York City 2013 Holiday Season, 1 – a day in New York City during the Holiday Season

New York City 2013 Holiday Season, 2

New York City 2014 Holiday Season – a day in New York City during the Holiday Season

New York City 2014 Bergdorf Goodman – window display

New York City 2014 Cathedral of St. John the Divine – the Solstice Concert

• New York City 2014 late fall – street shots and Grand Central Station

New York City summer walk 1 – a day of urban photography


Norwich by the Shetucket – collapse and decay along that river in that town

Oh light – chasing the illusive shimmer

Okemo – first day of skiing in 2014

Old Sturbridge Village – Christmas Candlelight evening, 2014

Old Sturbridge Village, winter sleighs – Sleigh day 2015

winter 2

winter 3

winter 4

• One lunchtime – spring flower photos

Once in a blue heron – dawn shots along the Quinebaug River in Putnam, CT

Only light – photograph with whatever light you have

Our redbud – my favorite tree in our backyard

• Out by Pomfret – farms and a graveyard just beyond this Connecticut village

Panoramas – of a local park and of New London, CT

People’s Climate March – New York City, September 20, 2014

Play misty for me – morning fog in the autumn, 2017

Poconos 1 – the Poconos, PA (aka New York Catskills) region

Poconos 2

Poconos 3

Practice! Practice! Practice! – more pictures of things related to drinkables.

• Pulanski Park – a near Rhode Island State Park

• Putnam bikes art project – images from downtown Putnam, CT

Quaddick Park – a park close to Putnam on the RI border

• Quinebaug River – the river which runs through my hometown, Putnam CT

Remembrance Day – 2015

Savannah – the lovely, grand old low country city of Georgia

Savannah 2

Scituate Reservoir – seeing a place in a whole new light

Sedona 1 – the beautiful desert area of northern AZ

Sedona 2


Sharpe Hill 1 – a local, top shelf, winery and restaurant with a wonderful garden

• Southern California – a trip centered around San Diego, Spring 2016

1 – Imperial Sand Dunes

2 – Salton Sea, Sand Storm and a High Desert

3 – Santa Ysabel Reservation plateau, Cabrillo Point and Oceanside

4 – Aircraft Carrier Midway

5 – Joshua Tree National Park

6 – Mt San Jacinto State Park

7 – Japanese Gardens Balboa Park

Spring evening, 2014 – images in the darkening gloom

Stahm’s khawmin’! – storm Neptune, St. Valentine’s Day, 2015

Stonington Borough – a small Connecticut village along the Long Island Sound

Sunday River 1 – a skiing adventure in the middle of a blizzard

Sunday River 2

Sunflowers 1 – Buttonwood Farm harvest week

• Sunflowers 2

Sunflowers 2015 – the august favorite

Sunset down on the farm – the title says it all

Thompson Dam walk – a walk in late Autumn

Time – still-life series on the subject of time

To springdom come 1 – early spring colors

• To springdom come 2

Too much miscellany – images that did not fit anywhere else, or overflowed from previous posts…










Tree farm – a Rhode Island scenic spot

• Tulips – Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

Valley sunset – looking up the hill towards Pomfret

Vancouver Island – in British Columbia, the east coast of Canada



Wachusett – a hike up Mount Wachusett at Thanksgiving, 2014

• Washington, DC – Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, US Botanical Garden

Weir Farm 1 – the National Parks service artistic site

• Weir Farm 2

• Western Mediterranean – our first cruise


Sea crusin’

The Amalfi Coast





• Palma de Mallorca

What a difference a day makes – the difference in New England’s weather in 24 hours

day 1

day 2

A Winter’s Day – a winter walk, plus snowshoeing

Winter storm Juno – the biggest snow storm of 2015

Winter Wonderland 2020 – an early snow fall in The Year of the Plague

With a deep breath – Rhode Island shoreline pictures with a friend.

• With Bloch at Thompson Dam – a walk along a local reservoir

Yet even more miscellany  – one more clean out of the vault









Yosemite National Park

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