Skiing Bormio

This is the sixth post in an extended series about our recent trip to the Italian Alps. Because it is a series, the ‘Like’ button is only turned on here, in the first post.

When first we booked the vacation, Lyn and I had planned on skiing at least one day in Bormio. But when the reality of just how much stuff we would have to lug across the Atlantic to do that hit us, we decided to forgo the experience. (Besides the pure hassle of more luggage was the extra $200 we would have to have spent with the airline. Ugh!) Still, I wanted to see what skiing was like in Bormio, so I took two separate gondola rides, the first to the 2,000 m. midpoint, the second to the 3,000 m. peak.

That I got to do it at all was lucky. The night before the excursion I learned that the weather was supposed to turn nasty, with several inches of snow and some ice forecasted. That being the case we had decided to forgo the fun of driving narrow, twisty and slippery streets up and down the mountainside in favor of espresso and chocolate by the fireplace. But, fortunately, the snow held off and the day dawned with intermittent clouds, and so off to the hill I was before I lost the sun altogether. (Not to worry, the espresso and chocolate still got devoured that night. 🙂 )

Many photos are panoramas, indicated by the “click me” symbol. Double click (or just click, depending on your browser) to open a larger version of the image. Then click that larger image to get the full sized panorama.

As always, special thanks to my dearest spouse Lyn, who does all the heavy lifting in selecting the photos. And thank you sincerely for dropping by the Book of Bokeh. I would also like to invite you to visit my Book of Pain  poetry blog.


All photographs and comments ©John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


12 thoughts on “Skiing Bormio

    • Tiny,

      After taking some (oh, all right! “too much”) time off from my photography blog I am getting back to it and found this old comment which I had not properly (oh, all right! “politely”) responded to. My sincerest apologies and I hope (oh, all right! “promise”) not to do it again. 🙂

      That Italian trip was a lot of fun! You had spent some time there the previous fall, so you know how amazing it is. The vistas, the art, the history…the place is amazing! (And then there is the food…) In fact, we went back again in fall 2018 and I am trying to get those images ready now. Stay tuned…

    • It’s a different style. There are ‘trails’ but an awful lot of off trail skiing too. And instead of going up and down a dozen times as we do in the US, in Europe people ski from the top, then half way down stop somewhere for coffee and then again at the bottom…so much longer runs. To be honest, if I were to go back to just go skiing, as nice as it looks in Bormio, I’d go to Livigno to ski.

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