Essex 1


That’s me, of course, in my obligatory window selfie taken during our first early spring excursion. Last year we spent the day on Hope Street, in Providence, Rhode Island. This year we decided to visit Essex, a quaint little town on the Connecticut River.

You can tell that it was a cold and long winter this past few months, because spring, with its attendant flowers, was much more advanced last year than when compared to this. Still, spring is  here and that is something to be grateful for!

There are three posts in this Essex  series: this one, number two and a post of photos taken at the nearby Hammonasset Beach State Park. The ‘Like’ button is turned on only for this first post and the Hammonasset post.

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. As always, special thanks to my dearest spouse Lyn, who does most of the hard part: the photos selection. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.





















All photographs and comments ©John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


14 thoughts on “Essex 1

    • Actually, it was where we picked up all the elements of a picnic lunch! We sat in the warm sun and had it with our coffee. 🙂 And it was DELICIOUS!!! I do love spring so much.

        • Well, they certainly were at this shop! Although I will confess that they had many different and exotic cheeses and the uniqueness makes up for the price. As to the price here of cheese, yes I believe it is higher than in Europe and the quality is generally inferior. The one cheese that the US does well is an aged cheddar. Everything else is a copy and costs a fortune. Personally I attribute this to the success of the Big Companies and a lack of small, independent makers. Plus, the health and safety rules for cheese makers keep their environments so sterile that aging cheese is a bit of a joke in the US and Canada…and yet it is the aging in a ‘rich’ atmosphere that makes good cheese, good! I miss Europe for its breads, its cheeses and its coffee.

          • Yes, the health and safety rules are really different than in France or South of Belgium were nearly everyone can make cheese and sell it on markets 🙂 It’s quite popular. We can also used non pasteurized milk to make them, which may not be possible in some places (better taste !). In the UK, they don’t have a lot of cheeses, it’s quite depressing 😀

            Hmm I’ve realised that the best coffee I had was in Seattle 😀 I don’t like French coffee, it’s strong and tiny … and expensive :p

            • You’ve caught me out. As much as I love European coffee it is true that my favorite cup of coffee is a Starbucks ‘black eye’…two shots of espresso in a normal cup of coffee. (A ‘red eye’ is one shot of espresso.) And as good as Starbucks is, you are correct, the closer you get to Seattle, the better it gets! 🙂

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