Monochrome photos challenge – day 5


This is the last in the monochrome series. For those who have stuck with me throughout the full effort, thank you so very much! You are all wonderful and very kind.

A special thank you to Norma at Emovere and Virginie at Darwin on the Rocks for passing the Five Day Monochrome Photos Challenge on to me. I had not thought that I would enjoy or learn as much as I did through the exercise and pursuing it was something that I would not have done without your encouragement.

For my last kick at this particular cat, the photo of this young man was taken while he was having a snack at Old Sturbridge Village and I was having a coffee. He was incredibly photogenic and I wanted his portrait very much. At one point he stopped and seemed to invite me to take a shot, so I did. Thereafter he grinned wildly and leaned over to his mother and whispered what had happened. All three of us waved and we carried on our separate ways.

On this last day of my challenge I am passing the challenge on to two people: 1) SeeingSpotsPhoto, a very gifted and unique young photographer who has the byline in her photo, “Will work for photos”…someone, in short, modeled after my own heart and soul. You can see her work at Seeing Spots Photography. And also to 2) Tiny, an innovative and original nature photographer with the neatest username this side of a mouse, at Tiny Lessons Blog.

I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. As always, special thanks to my dearest spouse Lyn, who does most of the hard part: the photos selection. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.

Photograph and comments ©John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


36 thoughts on “Monochrome photos challenge – day 5

    • You are correct there, Bonnie! One minute he is looking like he is 60, the next second like he is 8. I’m glad I got the shot I did! 🙂

    • You know, that’s it! That’s exactly what makes this shot. I was looking for words to sum it up and you found it. Thank you! 🙂

    • Amy, garden stuff pending here too. Got the lawn ready, did the asparagus and chipped and mulched all the dead fall and garden stuff from last year. Gardens are wonderful, but they sure are a lot of work! 🙂

      • John, oh John, do I ever hear you! I am presently on garden number 8 of 20, and this one has a lot of rose bushes in it with many small stems that need individual attention. In other words, time consuming, hard on the knees and back. When all is pruned, cut, shaped, I then have to mulch it, which will probably take 10 bags of mulch. I have one other garden that is even bigger then this one. The other remaining ones, piece of cake. (smile) Whew! ❤

        • When Lyn and I moved from our last house with its massive gardens we made a deal that this new one would have none. OK, maybe one, one small one. That lasted about ten minutes and now we have the darn things everywhere! Yes, they’re beautiful but no one who is not a gardener appreciates just how much work the darn things are! 🙂

          • John, when this phase of my Life is over, and this home and property are sold, no more will I have these massive gardens. Perhaps potted plants yes, but gardens, no. Gardens and their upkeep are never ending. Weeds, fertilization, pest control, pruning, and that is not even talking about reopening them after a long winter. Today I go to purchase more bags of mulch (I don’t have it trucked in any more … the bagged cedar seems of better quality). Then after I catch up a bit in my home, I continue with my garden that I am presently in. Again it turned chilly here, and in fact, was hailing this morning. Now I see the sun trying to come out, but dang, it is still chilly (40’s). I also must take stock of what I have before I go to the nursery for supplies. Yep, only another gardner understands. Do you think the majority who view my flowers appreciates what has gone into them? I doubt it. Only when you walk in another’s shoes does understanding come. (smile) Have a great day, John. It has been wonderful talking to you! ❤

      • PS Then I have to turn around and fertilize and do root flushes this year for the nasties called aphids just about destroyed my Roses last year. NOTHING stopped them. So now I am turning to internal that the plant itself absorbs. I wish I could use green products, but again here, nothing is working. I even have chives planted in between Rose bushes to help keep the insects away. I am not sure if they work or not. Oh, and then there is the application of Liquid Fence to keep deer and rabbits away from my flowers, that must be reapplied every time it rains, and hello, we are in rainy season. LOL Fun? Wow! ❤

        • Roses. I hate roses. I thought I hated them more than anything else until we got pyracantha, which I now hate with a passion worthy of a Shakespearian plot. In fact here is a poem to them:

          As to aphids, we had them one year. I got rid of them by spraying the roses with a mild solution of dish soap and water every day for (I think) 15 days. The soap covers the plants and cuts off air to the eggs. You have to do it every day for that long o kill every generation possible, and 15 days is the full gestation period.

          Good luck! 🙂

          • I won’t go as far as to say I hate Roses, but they are so much work. Aphids I will say I hate. I detest those tiny creatures. If it is not aphids it is Japanese beetles. And those people who have those bags for those beetles I would love to wring their necks. They only are attracting more beetles. Catepillars, another pest that does great damage. I’ve been tempted to just dig out all Roses and just fill in the gardens, letting them go. I’m not sure anymore if all this work is worth it. But then I get my hands in the dirt and begin “communicating” with the individual Life that is in my gardens, or I see the precious flowers, and I relent. *sigh* Yes, I am a sucker for flowers. LOL

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