Old Sturbridge Village – winter 2


This guy was siting at the top of a tiny post that was at least 7 feet (2 m) off the ground. I must have taken ten photographs and nothing fazed him…he just sat there…waiting…patiently…deigning—occasionally—to look at me with his regal gaze. I, of course, felt grateful that his majesty did notice me and pose so daintily for the camera.

More photos from the sleighs day at Old Sturbridge Village. I hope you enjoy them…

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All photographs and comments ©John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


30 thoughts on “Old Sturbridge Village – winter 2

    • I think you’re right…that cat would have come after me if I had not worked so hard to catch his ‘pleasant’ side! 🙂

      The berries in the last shot are cranberries, a very sour fruit that is native to the area. They grow under the water in shallow bogs and Native Americans would gather them in the late summer. Now, they are grown in man made pools and when it is time to harvest them, they drain the pool, do the harvesting and then pump the water back again for the following year. It’s really neat to see how it is done.

            • Oh, the lambs? They were, no surprise, just the cutest things. And cuddled together for warmth. One kept putting its nose under the ear flap of the other because it was cold and closing its eyes to sleep. But the other would have no truck with it and after a few seconds would shake its head. So, so cute. 🙂

            • They are very sour. Typically they are jammed at Thanksgiving and Christmas and served with turkey. Delicious!

    • Isn’t he just AWESOME?!?! Honestly, he stayed there for a good long while and I kept shooting and shooting… it never bothered him one bit. Perhaps he’s used to tourists, I’m not sure, but he was pretty neat, certainly. 🙂

    • He does look like a royally ticked off king, doesn’t he? And in the next set you’ll see why the lamb feels so happy and unconcerned when you meet daddy. 🙂

      The last shot is of cranberries. They’re native to the area and I am not sure if they are exported to Europe. They are very sour and are usually sweetened with apple juice when sold commercially. At Thanksgiving they are usually jammed and served alongside the turkey.

    • You are so very welcome and thank you for continuing to drop by. With two more sets to come I fear, however, that I will try even my biggest supporters with Old Sturbridge Village shots! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Isn’t that just an amazing piece of luck to grab that photo?! There is one more of him in another set, I believe…just to prove to the world that he stayed there that long! 🙂

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