Cranston greenery


I work in the town of Cranston, Rhode Island, a community on the edge of the state capitol of Providence. These pictures were taken at two places near where I work: Meshanticut Park, a small park in the city, and also along the Pawtuxet River, a small creek that runs through the city.

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. As always, special thanks to my dearest Lyn, who does most of the photo selection. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.

First of all, Meshanticut Park:





The Pawtuxet River is a small stream that runs along a small valley behind where I work:








All photographs and comments ©2014 by John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


6 thoughts on “Cranston greenery

    • That’s true, I do. New England (for all its cold and snow) can and is a unique, beautiful place. I miss the prairies and the western mountains a lot, but one of the benefits of taking up photography in the past year or two is that I have grown to appreciate this area even more. 🙂

    • And the photos aren’t bad either. (sound of drum roll and symbol crash off stage)

      Thank you very much…can you just convince my wife that all the time I take on walks is worth it? 🙂

        • Oh, she sees them, I promise you. In fact, I typically wrestle her to the monitor and won’t let her move until she tells me which ones to post. She loves them too, but I think would wish I would take a few less and be quicker at it when I do. And generally she is a very patient person, so that tells you how much I try her nerves! 🙂

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