Miscellaneous 4

I seem to have this thing about taking photos that have no coherent theme. What can I say? it’s a gift…

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.

The carving—it is called The Drummer—comes from Alaska and was made, as far as I can recall, by an artist from the Iñupiat tribe, a group closely related to the Arctic Inuit people. It is carved from whale baleen and studded with narwhal ivory…all perfectly legal because of its provenance. It was my wedding gift to my wife, Lyn, and was bought (oddly enough) at a Native American art gallery and museum in New Mexico. We were on our way to Texas to visit family and we saw it there as part of a Native Peoples art exchange program. It is the second image of this artwork that I have posted.



The banjo is mine. I don’t so much play it so much as I play with it. I’m more enthusiastic than good.



The plant is from the house. Please admire that it is dust free, something I could have done in 10 seconds before the shot but preferred to spend two hours on accomplishing in post processing. It’s a gift, remember?



We love our Vaio laptops: as light as Apple products but faster and cheaper, although, admittedly, without the caché.



Taken at the Golden Hour of sunset on a local farm…



A neighbor’s house. I’ve posted other, lower color versions of this and the next shot, before.

IMG_4232 (1)


IMG_4232 (2)


Taken for my father…



At the Scituate Reservoir, the source of fresh water for Providence, RI. A sad ending for someone in a vehicle…



Just being lazy. It’s easier to photograph them than run in them.

IMG_4232 (6)


My beautiful and wonderful wife, Lyn, thinking how to repair a chair.

IMG_4232 (5)


All photographs and comments ©2014 by John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous 4

  1. Well that could be your theme couldn’t it? Completely random photos? Ask the viewer if they find a pattern, for example everything in this post is artistic. So the theme could be random beauty??? (I had to think to come up with this. I generally try to avoid too much thinking ) 😉 Then again you could just stick with random photos. I like it. It’s original.

    • Actually it is typically so much easier than this. If in one of folders I have too few shots for a full post I throw them in the ‘Misc X’ folder and when it gets too large randomly grab a bunch, delete a few if there is too much commonality (too many flowers, for example) and post them all. The sad part is I have a HUGE ‘Misc X’ file! I could do Miscellaneous posts everyday for a week! I love taking them, but I am lazy getting them all together for the web! 🙂

  2. It’s incredible how you manage to capture those grasses on the steps as well as the shadow. Did your wife figure out how to repair the chair?

    • Yes, in fact she did. She was on a mission to re-finish a very old and beautiful elm table from her grandmother (done) and had just started in on the chairs when I grabbed that shot without her knowledge or permission. (So sshhssh, don’t tell her it’s there!)

    • Thank you very much! I always feel a bit odd posting non-related pictures, so I’m a bit nervous about it. Humor helps.

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