Some random shots taken during the Fall or early winter. These were taken over several years from places around eastern Connecticut. I hope you enjoy them.

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.

Berry good - Eastern CT

Berry good – Eastern CT

Between a rock and a limb - Eastern CT

Between a rock and a limb – Eastern CT

Run river - Eastern CT

Run river – Eastern CT

Quiet and calm - Eastern CT

Quiet and calm – Eastern CT

Getting sleepy - Eastern CT

Getting sleepy – Eastern CT

Mossy men - Eastern CT

Mossy men – Eastern CT

Winter's coming - Eastern CT

Winter’s coming – Eastern CT

Peek a boo! - Eastern CT

Peek a boo! – Eastern CT

Sliding down - Eastern CT

Sliding down – Eastern CT

Oh Canada! - Eastern CT

Oh Canada! – Eastern CT

One a day... - Eastern CT

One a day… – Eastern CT

All photographs and comments ©2014 by John Etheridge with all rights reserved; not to be used without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner.


9 thoughts on “Fall

    • Yes, somewhat. One thing I always have to do is level the horizon…for some reason I always shoot just a tad off angle. Plus remove any spots, crop for the final, maybe reset the color temperature, that sort of thing. I always shoot in RAW format which means the camera does no processing of the image, so it starts out pretty flat. I am also, soon, when I have time, going to get into HDR photography, which si the combination of 3 to 5 shots into one, with all the brightest areas combined. The technique is incredible if I can master it.

      I just noticed that Win 8 has a handy dandy little picture editor that is actually quite nice.

        • Don’t let “only” having a point and shoot stop you. Check out the photo sets “Washington, DC” and “Miscellaneous 1″…those were both done with a point and shoot. A photograph is first and foremost the shot…any post production after that can only build on what was first taken. The best advice I can give is to try to take pictures that are: 1) rich in color, and/or 2) shoot from a different perspective and/or 3) shot within 45 minutes after sunrise or 45 minutes before sunset. Everyone takes pictures from standing height, which is what the eyes normally see. So get your camera low (knell down or lie down) or high (get on steps or a a ladder) and shoot from there. A different perspective adds a note of change to the shot and peeks the interest. I cannot tell you how many people buy expensive DSLRs only to find out that they take the same old pictures as they always did, rather than the works of art they thought they’d automatically start producing. Or think of it this way: your point and shoot is dozens of times better than even professional cameras were 20 or 30 years ago…and yet people then managed to create great, creative shots. So you can too. And if you ARE into photography, see if you can buy one of those DSLRs cheap from someone who bought one and was disillusioned. Or check your local photography clubs…amateurs are always working their way up. And finally (I know I am getting boring) there is a TON of free How To Photography lessons on the web…read some of those…most are excellent.

        • One other thing. Go to downloads.com and get the programs: FastStone Image Viewer and FastStone Photo Resizer. They are two excellent and free utilities for photographers. The first is far more than just a viewer, it is a photo editor almost as good as Adobe’s, but a lot cheaper! The Resizer program allows you to resize a bunch of pictures at once (and add a watermark or do many other things), suitable for uploading to a blog.

    • Thank you, John. I have greatly admired many of yours too. Why don’t you start a photography blog too at wordpress.com? It’s free and you’ll get to meet a lot of other photography buffs too.

      It’s too bad you’re not back in CT. There are two Photography clubs close by that have regular Friday and Saturday gettogethers for group shots…like going to Old Sturbridge village, that sort of thing.

      • Now that I know it’s free I will do just that. I have so many good pics of everything. I also , to a degree, would like to be back there. I have many friends and family who keep in touch and post pics for me so In a way I still am there.

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